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About the recreation center in Apatity Lights "Imandra"
Imandra is one of the largest freshwater lakes in the North of Russia and Europe. Rich in fish, surrounded by forests and mountains, it has always attracted thousands of travelers and visitors from all over the world. It is on its shore is located the recreation center in Apatity Lights "Imandra"!

If you are looking for a solution for a cheap and comfortable stay, "the lights of the Imandra" is exactly what you were looking for! Our tourist complex consists of several comfortable houses which are combined by wooden planked footway. Great room, Playground, fishing possibilities and well-kept grounds - these are all important components of a good holiday you will find us! And what are the views we have on the Khibiny massif and the boundless North lake Imandra. In the dark turn on led tree lighting.

Why our recreation center in Apatity is a great option for you 8 powerful arguments:

1. Good location. We are located in picturesque location which is easily accessible. From us, you will reach the ski slopes of Kirovsk, spending on the road is not much time. If you don't have your car, we will arrange a transfer for you.
2. A flexible pricing policy. On weekdays, the rent is always cheaper! In addition, we have always there are promotions and discounts.
3. Comfortable cabins. We ensure that our guests feel comfortable. All houses are equipped with warm bathrooms, kitchens, TV and soft furnishings.
4. You can order food. This is very convenient because you do not need to think about what food to bring, how to prepare, and most importantly, you don't have to clean up the dishes! You will enjoy the rest.
5. Here you can relax without spending the night. If you just want to spend time in the fresh air, specially for you on the base there is a gazebo equipped for 15 people.

6. We can ride snowmobiles on zamerzli the waters of the lake or an organized group with a guide-instructor to make a trip to the mountains.

7. We have excellent conditions for ice fishing. Well caught smelt, whitefish, burbot, caught trout and salmon.

8. Our recreation center is perfect for a festive meropriyatii, in the Banquet hall of a large house can sit a big company of up to 50 people.

Today "the lights of the Imandra" one of the most comfortable bases in the South of Murmansk region. The vast territory and the variety of lodges give you the opportunity to spend a quiet family holiday or to unwind a large company. On the basis of provided areas for outdoor sports, including water, and there are places for walks and cooking kebabs. The territory is pleasant to walk and spend time enjoying nature and the views.

Tourist rural complex "the lights of the Imandra" provides the Kola polar region with an excellent stay on the lake and views of the Khibiny massif. Here you can spend your holiday by renting any house. In order to make your vacation was eventful and interesting we offer to use our services.

Stay on the beautiful shores and comfortable homes in lake Imandra with panoramic views of the Khibiny mountains. Base of rest the lights of the Imandra situated in Apatity area next to the ski slopes the city of Kirovsk in Murmansk region.


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